Monday, January 7

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Tuesday, January 1


Friday, December 28



Hope everyone had a merry Christmas!! :) I did but made myself immobile from baking too much anyways, I won't be posting any sims till the start of the new year cause I'll be busy.... again -_- but I'll be sure to post one soon! :3

Tuesday, December 18

My first CC :D

OMGAHH I made my first custom content! O.O *is over exaggerating because of mocha*

I randomly decided to see what it took to make custom paintings, found an easy tut and did it. Wanna see? :)

Monday, December 17

Comp :3

I have entered a competition ._. DUNDUNDUNNN I'm happy to be back on the forums though so that's why I entered, and I know I'll actually have the time for it lol Here's the comp btw: I've always liked elves...

Sunday, December 16

Just me being a derp

I finally changed my sim blog! Here have a look: Click if you dare >:)

Oh btw ive posted sneek peek pictures of sims on there know....if you're curious go take a look xD My celebrity sim is there, can you guess who it is? Here's a hint: He likes tabloshitup.