Monday, December 17

Comp :3

I have entered a competition ._. DUNDUNDUNNN I'm happy to be back on the forums though so that's why I entered, and I know I'll actually have the time for it lol Here's the comp btw: I've always liked elves...

I haven't posted my elf yet because I want to send it in with my quest, which I'm having a bitch of a time with ugh >.< I need to get back in the zone...My editing skills are crap right now too... -____-

Here's a peek at my elf:

He's not blue...I just made the filter blue, and randomly decided to make it a gif for no apparent reason...Oh yeah and I made the scar on his forehead and eye xD I'm just trying to get back to editing... slowly....and horribly... -_-

Current song: The sounds of skyrim. ..... No seriously I've had skyrim on for hours just listening to the game XD Imma derp I know!

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