Friday, December 28



Hope everyone had a merry Christmas!! :) I did but made myself immobile from baking too much anyways, I won't be posting any sims till the start of the new year cause I'll be busy.... again -_- but I'll be sure to post one soon! :3

I found this awesome sims site but it's korean (ah the irony) so I had to ...very roughly... translate it  ... anyways THAT HAS AWESOME CC but i had to make an account on daum (korean site thing...all korean. thank you bing translator xD) so I did...and now I have to wait till tomorrow to sign in! JKBKJBDKJDAN All that work for nothing at the moment! T.T but I may get Jeremy Scotts winged adidas sneakers ... THAT WOULD MAKE ME SOOOO HAPPYYYYYYYYOMGASJKHDALDISOUNDLIKEARETARD

I got four new mice! :3 Three are unnoficially named Rat Fink, T-max and Piglet. :3 My mom told me not to name them GD or any other korean idol name soooo how about a band she doesn't know? ahaha
(I'll probably post pics later)


That is all.

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